April 1

What would it take…to KNOW that you KNOW?


Just the other day, I was pondering my own existence on this planet (such small things to think about … ya I know lol),  and I asked the question. “What would it take for me to KNOW that I KNOW?”

Soooo many things came up to my attention that I got instantly distracted and moved to a different room in my house. Without much thought, I picked up the remote and turned on the TV… oh yes that horrible thing that takes away your time/energy/money/brain, some say anyway… with no time to spare, my hand hit the channels button and I haphazardly landed on a Wayne Dyer Public Broadcasting System Episode. It was titled “Inspiration” and this is what I saw… “Begin to see yourself as a Soul with a Body, not a Body with a Soul”. WOW! and on the TV no less!  I mean, need I go on looking? Bam! Just when I thought that “I” was too small for the question. The answers show up as nothing you would or could ever expect and it hits you like you were a circled target just waiting to be hit, and for someone behind you to yell BULLSEYE!         Hey, did you hear that? lol (Don’t laugh, but I totally turned around)

Focus on the Good!
Focus on the Good!

Knowing the truth of who you BE rests in your ability to shift your perspective, and ask questions.

And so I ask, “What would it take to do that?”  Well, you can probably guess that I’m going to find out. LOL

Now, thats something I’ve discovered to be true. How about you?

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See you soon! What else is possible that you haven’t even imagined yet? And what would it take for you to KNOW that you KNOW?



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