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What if trust was the only reason that you aren’t getting what you want out of your business?


What if the results of your life point squarely at TRUST?

What if it [TRUST] was the only reason that you aren’t getting what you want out of your business?

Now, just give me a minute to explain.

Having an experience that causes you to mistrust yourself evokes a whole linked web of disappointments, and failed attempts at making money or even big moves in your business.

Would it be alright to tell you a story with regards to this?

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  • If YES, keep reading 🙂

When I was dating the love of my life (or so I thought) at the prime age of 20… (Don’t laugh! 20-year-olds believe they’ve hit their peak and it’s all downhill from there, lol)

I digress; at the time, I believed I had it all. My schooling was just about finished, and I was well on my way to a fruitful career.

I had met and was dating a career military paratrooper with a future of helicopter piloting. What more was there for me, but to get married, start a family and live the life of bliss, right?

Well, fast forward through 3 joy-filled years, 6 months of strangeness, and then sad, endless days that led to the moment I discovered my dream life was over. A cheating boyfriend, of who knows how long, and the trusted dream life of what I believed was next.

You know the house, the kids, and the bliss that should follow? I had never been blindsided by anything before, except perhaps the car accident I had when I was sixteen, but ignorance was bliss back then, too. My whole world came to a screeching halt that dreadful day.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… Big deal. It happens to a lot of people. You’re right, it does; however, what was looking like a great life lesson, turned out to be the very thing that had prevented me from moving forward at all, for over 26 years.

I was mentally paralyzed by my lack of trust, and I didn’t even know it. And to boot, after this more than two-decade stall, it wasn’t just a lack of trust in others, or in particular relationship potentials; it was a lack of trust in life in general, and more poignantly in myself.

It was a lack of trust in my own choices that prevented me from ever choosing anything, ever, full stop.

The hindsight 20/20 thought was, if I was stupid enough to choose and fall in love with someone who didn’t care enough about me to break up with me before he moved on with someone else, how could I ever choose anything ever again? I would I ever know I wouldn’t choose the same disappointment and devastation.

Clearly, I can’t be trusted.

It was the question that kept me a fair distance from my dreams for over two decades. It cost me relationships, tons of money on courses I would never complete, career money I never made, and really any forward step I could have taken to follow my dreams.

The kicker to this tragedy was that I didn’t know that not trusting myself would cause such a stall in my life. The states of confusion and lack of completion added insult to injury. I felt like such a failure in that I never even gave myself a chance. I didn’t even try.

Deep inside, I knew I had a gift; deep inside I knew I was capable of achieving much more, but that one conclusion about myself (which was made unconsciously) cost me more than I’m willing to admit.

The beauty of this story is that I did finally figure it out, and not only that, I discovered how you can reverse it!


I have discovered how, and it has changed my life in more ways than I could have even dreamt up myself.

I quantum leaped my goals — well, for total transparency… When I figured it out, in the beginning, I jumped fully into my business and generated (for the first time) over $30,000 in the first 10 days, and then went on to generate MUCH more… including freedom, love and, more possibilities than I knew could be had.

You see, trust in yourself is also a two-way street to having trust in others, and the ability to recognize that little niggle that says no to those that just don’t feel in alignment with you and your big vision for your world.

It’s amazing. Truly, it’s life changing.

What if that unconscious moment, the “not trusting yourself, or others” piece, is the very reason that you are stalled too, or feeling at a loss of understanding why you haven’t reached your dreams, or worse, haven’t figured out what your dream actually is yet, perhaps you have a good business, but you haven’t hit any financial goals or just are not living the life you always knew you could have?

Check it out for yourself…

Symptoms of not trusting yourself

  • Total frustration and irritation in others’ success (as well as the lack of your own). Not because you are not happy for them, but because you know you, too, are capable and can’t seem to figure yourself out. What makes them so different from you??
  • Anger that you never hit your financial mark.
  • Secret fury that your credit sucks because financial stability just isn’t in your cards, it seems.
  • Sadness that your life is wasting away and you refuse another year of trying the next greatest tactic.

Truly, it makes you want to throw in the towel and get a “real job” and settle (somedays) but something in you just won’t follow through on that thought. (A real job…UGH)

There are many other symptoms that I can list, but you should get a sense by now whether you’ve got it, you’re a victim to it, lacking trust in all respects.


Well, I told you I have figured it out.

I’m totally willing and excited to share, too. 🙂

It’s now simple, don’t you think?

Are you ready to trust you again and finally have everything you’ve been longing for?

Are you ready to win at everything you do — or better yet, are you ready to risk failure for the sake of knowing what you’ve always known… that you really do have what it takes to live your BIG VISION, live your dreams and have the life and financial well being you’ve known since you set out on your journey of life in business?

Are you ready to trust you again?

Jump on a FREE breakthrough TRUST  call with me.

Let’s see if you’ve got it.

I’ve got you. I promise. 🙂

Schedule a FREE call with me There is no better time… is there?

With love and TRUST,


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