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What if Money Were All the Magic You Needed?


Hi Friends,

Money used to be the after thought of my world. You laugh, but its true. I grew up in a family that had money, spent money and saved money. I didn’t have to think about it at all. I just lived. I went to school, played sports, went shopping with my parents, I really needed nothing. Money was not an issue for me.

I know you want to throw stuff at the screen now, hoping to hit me in my little spoiled lifestyle… and I wouldn’t blame you!  I was a spoiled girl. However now that I’m a woman, a mother, a wife and a friend, I have some confessions to make.

Not thinking about money, allows it to come to you.
Not thinking about money, allows it to come to you.

I have done nothing but worry about money since I realized that I had control of it. I had to make it, save it, spend it and use it for absolutely everything on the planet.

I started to realize that what my parents had done was allow me all the freedom in life with out learning about money.

Now, (side note for you MOM) there isn’t anything wrong with that, its just that instead of teaching me that a proper balance with understanding money is what would carry me through my life and even gain me an amazing potentially luxuriously lovely life, they just sent me out on my own without a lick of knowledge or understanding as to how money worked.

Are you feeling a bit better… oh ya the good part is coming.

The last twenty years of my life I’ve spent correcting my money mistakes, paying off credit cards and loans I owed my Mother and then still creating more debt (just ask my husband lol).

All these years of feeling like I missed the boat, that clearly I was not entitled to money. Until now!

Do you know what money is to me know?

Think Abundant Thoughts
Think Abundant Thoughts

It has taken a new form. The form of abundance.

I have been thinking about money for as long as I can remember, well since I moved out of my Moms house. But non the less, I’ve been missing out on so much by worrying about my bills, car payments, insurance, and so many other things that I can’t even remember would keep me up at night unable to sleep, that I failed to realize that I was creating my money lack all along.

You see the Universe doesn’t hear NO, and I’m sure you have heard that before. It only hears YES. So every time that you say that you don’t want something, the Universe delivers that which you focus on. Being that it doesn’t hear NO, it grants you the very thing that you think about. NO MONEY!  NO MONEY! … My goodness, NO MONEY… how could I have not figured that out after all this time. Instead of being grateful for everything that I had, have and would love to have, I’ve been telling the Universe to give me the very thing I didn’t ever want. NO MONEY.

So now, how can we see this differently?

We don’t think about money any more. When I say “We”, I’m referring to “US”, You know… You and I. We no longer think about money. We think about how grateful we are to have a roof over our head, and clothes on our back, friends who love us, or ok “like” us… and we allow the Universe to give us more of that.

When we are not thinking about money, we are actually bringing more abundance to us. In so many forms we couldn’t even begin to count. Its the NOT focusing on money that is the magic of this whole experience.

What if for one day, you were able to focus on everything great in your world. Everything that

Now your on to this!
Now your on to this!

makes you smile when you think about it. Just try this experiment one time and see if your world shifts even a little.

Don’t take my word for anything. Try it for yourself and let me know how it goes. Now… another side note… I’m not asking you to not go to work or look for work if you don’t have a job. Receiving money is about allowance, effort and the focus on how abundant you are already. You still need to work my friend. Just go to work with some more fun things on your mind instead on the dreaded 8 hour day that you will put in for the measly amount of money your going to make. I know it seems hard, but what if just one day could change your world? Wouldn’t you then be open to more possibilities?

I know what its done for me and I totally know what it will do for you. If you need a gentle reminder… send me your request for reminding and I’ll put you on the list. They will be random emails but, I’ll remind you and I won’t forget.

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BE amazing friend! and my email address is put in the subject line “Remind Abundance”

Hugs, Wendy




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