January 8

Just Getting Started…


Why do we always feel like we are just getting started?
At least thats how I feel all too often. Every-time I discover a new piece of the puzzle, I feel like I’m just getting started.

Good Morning Life!
Good Morning Life!

Oh… Hello. My name is Wendy and I’m finally stepping into a place of vulnerability with who I am and what I do (or at least what I perceive I’d like to do… with regards to healing, my career & my art… with Humans/Humanoids & the Earth). LOL and right now I totally feel like I’m at one of those AA Meetings where everyone stands and professes their addictions. HEY!! Maybe that is what I am doing? My addiction could be over-obsession with MYSELF and what I’m supposed to be doing with my LIFE. 

Yup.. I'm Just Getting Started!
Yup.. I’m Just Getting Started!

Phew! Glad to get that off my chest! and HEY… Thanks for pushing me towards that. I didn’t know I needed you… Until you were there. 🙂

So are you just getting started too?

Are you still pining over the fun times you had in High School and University like I did/am/was? Are you still finding yourself “Just Getting Started?”

Well, you’ve found the right place. Happily I’m here to help. This is step one of our journey. Admitting the issue. Yes… I said it! ISSUE! Do you know what that word actually means? No it doesn’t refer to the latest magazine that you received in the mail. It literally means the one thing that you bought as yours but really wasn’t! Weird right? It was “ISSUED” to you. Think about it. What or Who do you have ISSUES with? The way that your children slurp their soup? (issued from your parents perhaps?) The irritating political parties in your community? (issued by your peers no less?) Just take a look around. What things bother you day in and day out that take valuable energy away from YOU?

Lets slow you down a little bit. Take a closer look. Do you really feel angered, irritated with the way your kids slurp your food? Or the politics in your community? Or could it just have been your Aunt Mildred who would scream across the table at your brother when he would slurp his soup because it was making her curl her upper lip in irritation and make him laugh. To him it was just something funny to do with his time. To her it made the the hair stand up on her neck and to you… well, you saw all of it and chose to side with your Aunt because, yes your brother is irritating and well finally he deserves Aunt Mildred’s scolding.

BUT WAIT!     WHAT!   Yes!  In that small moment you bought that slurping food was irritating.  End of story!

Now its YOURS and from that day forward the sound of slurping food sends a furry of irritation through your thoughts. So tell me. Was that really your irritation to begin with?  

You guessed it!   NO Way Jose! Not at all. Issued to you from Great Aunt Mildred in her fit during dinner.

Boy aren’t you glad you discovered that little interesting tid bit? YA… Me too.

OH… What do you do now you wonder?

Well, now that you have seen where it came from.
STEP 1: Recognize that it isn’t yours, and that your brother was just being funny, as you know he always was and still makes you laugh
STEP 2: love that part until you completely engulf that moment into your heart, keep pulling it towards you, telling it that you know that wasn’t you and that that moment didn’t really make you irritated. Cause how could you feel irritated with that cool brother that you have.

Now don’t you feel better?

Your welcome!
What? New piece of the puzzle discovered?
Awesome! Just keep going. Your just getting started!

P.S. I dare you to try getting irritated with anyone slurping anything! Should you land anywhere close to silly giggle at the thought… your on the right page.

Namaste my friends, and thanks for BE-ing here with me!

See you soon… We have some work to do together. 



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