What if everything you ever chose was never wrong?

This is the question – and the reality – that drives me and drives my work.

I am here to permeate your space with a truth serum so powerful you’ll see through all the crap that’s taking up valuable real estate in your world – you will finally be able to see the light. Your light.

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people ‘know that they KNOW!’ I teach radically awesome people to access the part of themselves that can change anything – and I mean anything – in an instant.

Your mind is a powerful tool; use it wisely. Just ask me how…

How I became the Truth Oracle

My Dad said that from the day I was born, I was different. I excelled in everything. There wasn’t anything that I couldn’t do. “His daredevil”, he called me. I really didn’t know any different. Everything I wanted to do, I did with grace, ease and precision. From medalled figure skater to the first girl ever to make the boys’ fastball team at 10 years old… I knew the sky was the limit. No mental blocks. Just pure, unadulterated truth: ME. (I still believe that. In fact I know it.)

Magic and mayhem swirled through my life like a toy to play with – having divorced parents gave me the physical and mental freedom to explore the many facets of my ethereal mind and the physics of my body. At 16, my boyfriend displayed the powers of magic in the form of telekinesis and it shook my mental capacity to the limits in seeing that endlessness was possible.

My later teenage years into my thirties proved a great disappointment – when I discovered that life was so much more fucked up than I could have imagined. Stepping into this cranky reality was a chore and choice and it would take me the better part of 20 years to return to my natural state.

To do so, I have dedicated decades to researching and exploring truth, emotions and consciousness. The result? I am the creator of The Spark Method for Radical Change, a motivational speaker, author, actress, artist, QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) practitioner, change activator, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner – and Super-Silly Mom.

Mental Wizard. Truth Seeker. Truth Oracle. I have come full circle. With no time attached.

Now? I. Am. Truth Oracle. Teaching you the capacity of what your mind holds for you. From the fucked-up truth, to what’s actually waiting for you embody (greatness!).

5 Truths about me
+ I have seen and spoken to God
+ When I was a young child I could breathe underwater. Until I was told it wasn’t possible. (Total fascination with mermaids.) 
+ I was the first girl to ever try out and make the boys’ fastball team
+ I meditate in the bath for hours on end – and never get wrinkly
+ I can write backwards with as much ease as writing forwards