April 14

A day for MIRACLES! & Remembering my own!


NOW… a time to ponder miracles and wonder.

A time of death, rebirth… and awakening…

I’m letting me die!

My old perception of me… What I thought I was. Who I thought I had to be. What others wanted me to be. All of it.

Even after I experienced my own enlightenment miracle. Its never over. 🙂

I’m giving myself permission to re-emerge.

Raw, real and flawed in every human possibility and tell you that I experienced a miracle. It gifted me the ability to heal many things. Especially programs in the mind.

I’m ok with sharing that now.

No… I’m incredibly grateful I get to share it now.

I give myself permission to truly be free and share my gifts with the world.

Understanding life with a miracle of my own that forever changed how I see the world.  

Only 6 years ago I was working at what I thought was my highest capacity in energy work and hypnosis therapy. People were having incredible experiences in sessions with me. We were healing hearts that were broken, filling deep sadness with joy, creating miracles in perception and even having physical spontaneous healings.

The book “A Course In Miracles” says, a miracle is but a shift in perspective. 🙂 So by that definition we were experiencing miracles!

Which was a very exciting and extremely dark time for me.  

Why was it dark?… while in all of the profound experiences that were occurring with my clients, watching them step back into their beautifully shifted lives and have it be completely different and everything they wanted it to be, I would sit in pure, deep sadness about my own life. I could see miracles all around me and I wanted one for myself.

So the moment occurred.  I made a demand, loud, clear and full of heart felt tears to the energies that be.

In my bathtub, crying into the epsom salted waters I took myself through a process that changed my life FOREVER. I closed my eyes and experience what can only be looked at like a death and rebirth experience. I cried out for a master and for the first time… My request was greeted with a response, a master shift and miracle.

YOU can’t come out the same with this perspective.

It’s just not possible. Even science proves that all things evolve over time.

So who am I?

Why am I here?

What am I here to do?

I experienced a miracle. A real life, change my entire world miracle and things will never be the same. (thank God)

The result of this experience gifted me abilities that can be read about in science books, yet I’m a human experiencing them.

Feeling, knowing and reading human limitations in others, and shifting those frequencies in an instant, there by changing ones life… this is the gift I was given.  Revealing the true self. Opening the doors to limitless possibilities. Having it all are results of working with the energies that are programs in your brain.

I believe you can be, do and have anything you’ve ever wanted for yourself, right here, right now!

It is all possible. I have proof. With my clients, with myself, my family and it keeps getting better and better every minute.

You can have it too. All you need is the desire to FINALLY HAVE IT.

I realize that this gift totally transmutes people’s traumas and blocks.  Limits. Fears. Belief systems that aren’t serving you…GONE.

And yes, I know it seems unreal.

However, since then, I’ve had people come to me with the same questions they had when I was doing work before, only now I can shift these perspectives with even more clarity and joy. As I AM YOU. We are one! And my own block of “separation” has been eliminated.

The questions I’m often asked now are still the same…

Why am I not making money in my business?

My relationship isn’t working and I’m always frustrated, why do I keep putting myself through this?

I feel like a failure as a mother, why am I so broken?

I want to make a huge impact in the world and I’m not…what am I doing wrong?

My answer to those questions are found in the programs in your brain. Simple as that!

If this is you… and you are at a crossroads and feel stuck or confused by the person you realize you may have been pretending to be…or living a life that doesn’t look like what you planned for yourself… at least that’s how it feels.

Then we need to talk! https://wendypaquette.as.me/letschat

I’m opening my schedule to allow for a limited number of free 20 assessments (limited to my current full schedule) If you would like to identify what brain programs are standing in your way. There is no time like NOW to finally step into your joy-filled life, your greatest self, access your natural-born gifts and finally have a massive impact on the world.

What are you waiting for? Really… https://wendypaquette.as.me/letschat


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