Hey Truth Spotter!

2017 Had me at HELLO. All I wanted to do was decide what word would keep me in line for this year, so I could get down to it. IMG_3567

Did you know that by focusing on ANYTHING for longer than 16 seconds can actually start bringing it forward into this physical reality? Abraham-Hicks taught me that. Well, years ago it was 17 seconds, but hey who’s counting. LOL.

16 solid seconds of focused attention on anything, will start to actualize it. Do you realize what this actually means?

That means that the dress you didn’t buy because it was too much money will have you solidifying the desire of it and the lack of it all at the same time. YA!! Neutralizing its possibility of even being on your sweet body EVER! Why? Because you blocked yourself from ever having it. “A” because your desire for it was strong, and “B” because your thought of not having enough money was just as great, there by making it nearly impossible to have it. How…well it will most likely never go on sale, and if it ever did, someone else without any resistance to its price will surely scoop it up!

I know this is a silly example of how we can create our worlds, realities and lives, but its so simple yet true in a ridiculous way. We have these thoughts ALL DAY LONG. Don’t we? I know I do. For so many things I’m not sure I could even list it.

So here it is. Pay attention to what you really want. 16 seconds is all it takes to start bringing it to you. Multiply that by 10 and you’ve just created your world. Boom! Yup… There it is. Plain as day!

What do you want?

Signing off… Wendy …Truth Oracle… Queen of my world 🙂

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