What if you could be seen and heard as you truly are – no lies, to yourself or others – all the time?


Welcome to the world of Wendy, the Truth Oracle.  Welcome to Truth-Spotting.

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I’m Wendy.

I’m a truth coach, actress and artist.

My message to you: the truth will set you free

I have an incredible gift for seeing the truth. In myself. In others.

And with this comes the ability to cut through your BS and tell you when you’re lying.

I can tell when you’re lying to yourself, when you’re lying to others… and where, why and how this lying is stopping you from having, being and doing what you want.

I show you how to see yourself as you are, and how to make your truth your secret weapon.

Tell me your dreams and I’ll hold you to them.

Truth-Spotting: The 3-Step Journey

4-week essential

In this foundation stage, I connect with you one-on-one in an intuitive, energetic capacity. Through conversation, I discover where your current blocks are to living the life you desire. From there, I work with you to identify some of your core issues and clear them FOREVER with my Spark Method

Note: During the sessions I identify which tool in my Spark Method toolbox is most needed by you, and will work most effectively in that space and time – and I teach it to you. The chosen tool is not only taught and used on the spot – you will also be expected to practice it yourself during the following weeks.

The result: Clarity – and the tools to keep it!

30-day intensive

In this consolidation stage, we work together to choose one topic of high priority for you – and make it a reality! In one-on-one sessions, we clear issues in the way of that one goal, and implement specific strategic tasks to accomplish it.

The result: From dreaming to reality

VIP elite

In this high-level, completely tailored stage, I work with you one-on-one to give you the capacity to completely master the Spark Method at an elite level AND the ability to create and use your own magical Truth Tools.

The result: Absolute truth


What is the spark method?

I have devised the Spark Method over many years of research, self-work and teaching. Its purpose is to provide radical, permanent change in those who participate in it, and all my clients are led through the following 6 stages (simplified for clarity here).

Module #1: Identifying an emotional trigger – What is it and how do I know?
1. Identifying an emotional trigger (it’s less obvious than you think)
2. What causes an emotional trigger (look at your significant other – no offence!)?
3. Why we have these space invaders (and the bright side)
Rookie Mistake: Making one up – Sure step to nowhere

Module #2: Nailing the indicator down (it’s going to feel “not good” but that’s a great thing!)
1. Every time = repeater (pull up the good sludge!)
2. Ideas for discovery (hint: you’ve told a friend about it before)
3. Side-note the other issues that threaten to distract you
Rookie Mistake: Taking a small things to lightly (not taking this step)

Module #3: Stripping it down
1. Ignoring the emotions and looking at what’s actually happening
2. Physically hold it in your hand
3. Feel the weight
Rookie mistake: Thinking someone is watching and skipping this acknowledgement

Module #4: What’s actually happening? (Still holding the weight of it)
1. See it naked
2. What are you noticing?
3. Don’t ask why or attach reasons…
Rookie mistake: not really seeing the simplicity in this

Module #5: Asking the magic question/Seeing it from a different perspective
1. There is the truth in here
2. Do you know the truth?
3. Acknowledging the truth (the truth is you)
Rookie mistake: Not acknowledging the truth

Module #6: Receiving the gift and never having to return it
1. Acknowledging the truth and seeing a lie that can’t be proven true
2. How you’ve just created a miracle (don’t be so surprised – just breathe)
3. Check yourself – see the difference in how you feel
Rookie mistake: Not taking a moment to check back in


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