What if you could be seen and heard as you truly are – no lies, to yourself or others – all the time?


Welcome to the world of Wendy, the Truth Oracle.  Welcome to The Holographic Wellness Initiative.

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I’m Wendy.

I’m a human potential wizard.

My message to you: Your potential is LIMITLESS and will create and generate the FREEDOM you are looking to have.

Having a superpower and not showing you how to access it and live and be it in the world would be a detriment to society!

So let’s talk… What are you waiting for? Your time is now! Your superpower is waiting for you to access it and be all you came here to be!

Truth-Spotting: The 3-Step Journey

4-week essential

In this foundation stage, I connect with you one-on-one in an intuitive, energetic capacity. Through conversation, I discover where your current blocks are to living the life you desire. From there, I work with you to identify some of your core issues and clear them FOREVER with my Spark Method

Note: During the sessions I identify which tool in my Spark Method toolbox is most needed by you, and will work most effectively in that space and time – and I teach it to you. The chosen tool is not only taught and used on the spot – you will also be expected to practice it yourself during the following weeks.

The result: Clarity – and the tools to keep it!

30-day intensive

In this consolidation stage, we work together to choose one topic of high priority for you – and make it a reality! In one-on-one sessions, we clear issues in the way of that one goal, and implement specific strategic tasks to accomplish it.

The result: From dreaming to reality

VIP elite

In this high-level, completely tailored stage, I work with you one-on-one to give you the capacity to completely master the Spark Method at an elite level AND the ability to create and use your own magical Truth Tools.

The result: Absolute truth


What is the spark method?

I have devised the Spark Method over many years of research, self-work and teaching. Its purpose is to provide radical, permanent change in those who participate in it, and all my clients are led through the following 6 stages (simplified for clarity here).

Module #1: Identifying an emotional trigger – What is it and how do I know?
1. Identifying an emotional trigger (it’s less obvious than you think)
2. What causes an emotional trigger (look at your significant other – no offence!)?
3. Why we have these space invaders (and the bright side)
Rookie Mistake: Making one up – Sure step to nowhere

Module #2: Nailing the indicator down (it’s going to feel “not good” but that’s a great thing!)
1. Every time = repeater (pull up the good sludge!)
2. Ideas for discovery (hint: you’ve told a friend about it before)
3. Side-note the other issues that threaten to distract you
Rookie Mistake: Taking a small things to lightly (not taking this step)

Module #3: Stripping it down
1. Ignoring the emotions and looking at what’s actually happening
2. Physically hold it in your hand
3. Feel the weight
Rookie mistake: Thinking someone is watching and skipping this acknowledgement

Module #4: What’s actually happening? (Still holding the weight of it)
1. See it naked
2. What are you noticing?
3. Don’t ask why or attach reasons…
Rookie mistake: not really seeing the simplicity in this

Module #5: Asking the magic question/Seeing it from a different perspective
1. There is the truth in here
2. Do you know the truth?
3. Acknowledging the truth (the truth is you)
Rookie mistake: Not acknowledging the truth

Module #6: Receiving the gift and never having to return it
1. Acknowledging the truth and seeing a lie that can’t be proven true
2. How you’ve just created a miracle (don’t be so surprised – just breathe)
3. Check yourself – see the difference in how you feel
Rookie mistake: Not taking a moment to check back in


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