Ready to experience true freedom

from this matrix and create

your next level reality?

Ready to experience true freedom 

from this matrix and create your next level reality?

Wendy Paquette is the personal advisor and confidant to the world's top creators. 

She helps them remove the programs holding them back so they can actualize their deepest desires. She does this by using a technique she pioneered and refined over the last 10 years called multi-dimensional timeline shifting.

As a result, her clients are able to access Self-Actualization with extreme clarity, achieving The Ultimate Invincibility.

Like Magic

"I've worked with many, many amazing people in my life and Wendy gets my highest recommendation."

Charlie Hoehn 

Author, Keynote Speaker

What clients say about wendy...

An Amazing Experience

" Wendy recently facilitated a session for me which I found to be an amazing experience. During the session I noticed that a shift took place, however in the days following I have found that the original issue seems to have been erased! Wendy also drew a picture for me with depicted heart spiral after the session. I was astonished to see that the colours Wendy had chosen were the same colours that resonate with me and the energy I work with! Wendy truly has an incredible gift!"

Lisa Morley-Low


Wendy is my Secret Sauce

" Wendy opens up spaces for me that I didn't even know existed. She could see what I couldn't, gently guided me down the path and then cleared the way. I made $60K in just a few days after working with her. Not only has my business flourished, but also I experience a greater level of joy in my life thanks to her.

Wendy is my secret sauce.

She enabled me to get out of my own way so I can do what I do best."

Kathleen Riessen


The Best Decision 

" Have you ever felt different?

Like nobody really understands what you're saying or how you feel? Me too. Until I met Wendy. My experience working with this powerhouse woman has been undeniably the best decision I have ever made for my life. She not only understood the essence of who I am, she showed me how that love has always been there all along. If you know that deep within you're ready to shift things in your life and know there's more to life and in who you are, Wendy will guide you there. I am grateful to to have said yes to myself in choosing to have the most loving and compassionate support from Wendy. Thank you."

Courtney Bondy


So Empowering

" Before my session with Wendy, I was struggling with finding my internal happiness. I was feeling very alone in the world and couldn't seem to find a way to connect within myself and with others in the way that I wanted.

Wendy's transformational process  is so quick and easy. After some examination to get to the root of the aloneness, we arrived at the core issue which was invisibility. We transformed this to joy and indeed more joy has entered my life. I'm also being seen and have just been asked for help on a large environmental project that is a dream come true. Working with Wendy was so fast, easy and thorough. She saw my programming right away and allowed me the time to figure it out for myself. So empowering!"



Highly Recommend

" After the very first session I noticed some changes in my life, both in my business as well as my personal life. I've had so many opportunities. I've had new clients come in, I've had speaking opportunities come in, I've even had a book deal. If you are thinking about hiring Wendy, I highly, highly recommend her because the transformation that you'll receive will not be just for the thing that you're seeking it for, it'll be for all areas of your life. The magic will just unfold everywhere."    Supriya

Changed My Life

" Talking to Wendy, things just completely shifted and I've never seen anything like it.

She has a special kind of magic that shifts things and I'm talking instantly.

If you are thinking of working with Wendy.. I cannot overstate the difference she has made in my life."  Crystal Davis

Blown Away

"No words to properly describe how amazing this woman is, how powerful this being is and how grateful I am to share space with her."  Samantha Lotus